Serge Demetrius Dube
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Love your work!
Steph Gross - 27 Jan 2018
Just bought a landscape piece yesterday because I admired it in an art store. It's nice to see the picture in context of the other works. I might try to pick up some more in the future.
Trevor Epp - 30 Mar 2016
you are fab sir!! hope you remember me.. (microsoft technician)
jennifer winston - 13 Jan 2016
Met you at the ponoka stampede market I was with the battle river ride for S.T.A.R.S booth
Henry thomas - 18 Oct 2015
Your website very beautiful...
ramazan recber - 28 Feb 2014
I have admired your work when you painted at White Rock beach. Your subject interests changed year after year. I saw you grow even from the perfect art you created, to capture moments, helping me see the beauty in everything and the value of progression and development within ones life. Both me and my brother own a piece of your work. Watching you over time has influenced me in my own artwork, become interested in a subject or technique, learn to the best of my ability, move on to something else while my past influences are included in my new paintings. Also you have taught me to stop and capture the moment. (I saw some paintings of yours in Vancouver rain. I hated rain but saw beauty in it with your paintings.) Stop life for moments to capture pictures and see things that I would have never seen. To look at nature with life and without restrictions normally seen. This is like how you paint trees etc with movement and distinct colour separation. You are in the top 2 list of my favorite artists. Your art has influenced and benefited my life. Thank you.
Tina - 28 Jul 2012
A friend and I first seen your art in Canmore, Alberta and where immediately mesmerized. I can say you have found a life long fan and I look forward to seeing your future works.
Chad D - 17 Jun 2012
How does he do this?
Nalor Smith - 24 Nov 2011
Hello, was just looking at your artwork...LOVE LOVE LOVE the Shimmer Series.
Hannah OBrien - 27 Jul 2011
I have just been into a gallery in Canmore and came across your paintings. They are beautiful.
Andrea Wilson - 21 Jul 2011
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